This is the Philadelphia we all know from postcards...


but the real Philadelphia is filled with corner stores peddling sugar drinks and unhealthy snacks.  This is part of the reason why Philadelphia has an obesity rate higher than the national average, approaching 25 percent.  That is 1 in every 4 people in Philadelphia is considered obese! That is not okay!



PhitPhilly was formed to combat this obesity problem. Using the UrbanPhit formula of educating people about healthy food and fun exercise, users of the program saw a decrease in their BMI  in just 30 days! They also experienced a 20% increase in happiness and 20% decrease in anxiety and depression! Wow!

What's Next?


PhitPhilly will continue throughout the city of Philadelphia showing children, teenagers and adults alike that being healthy can be fun! Nutrition classes are ongoing at libraries and rec centers and there is a smartphone app, UrbanPhit, that is FREE on Apple and Android devices. The link to is in the website menu above so you can see for yourself!

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